Cuộn giấy dầu Aficio 1060/1075/2051/2060/2075/ MP6000/7500/8001

Product code: 6681

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Code oem: AE04-5046

Manufacture: Ricoh

Origin: China

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Ricoh AE045046 (AE04-5046) Fuser Cleaning Web
Category Copier
Description Fuser Cleaning Web
Model Aficio 1060
Aficio 1075
OEM No. AE04-5046
Ricoh Aficio 1075 300K Maintenance Kit (Genuine)
Genuine Ricoh Kit
Kit Includes: 
(1) Charge Corona Grid [A096-2057]
(1) Corona Wire Cleaner [A096-2063]
(1) Toner Filter [B070-2114]
(1) Front Ozone Filter [AA01-0114]
(1) Developer Filter [AA01-2060]
(1) Charge Corona Wire [AD02-0053]
(1) Cleaning Brush [B247-2330]
(2) Bushings M4x7 [AE03-1024]
(1) Cleaning Roller [AE04-2052]
(5) Hot Roller Picker Fingers [AE04-4043]
(1) Cleaning Web [AE04-5046]
(2) Registration Pickup Rollers [AF03-0050]
(2) LCT Feed Rollers [AF03-1064]
(3) Pickup Rollers [AF03-0051]
(3) Paper Feed Rollers [AF03-1065]
(4) Separation Rollers [AF03-2050]