Bộ sấy Hp LaserJet P3015/ P3015d/ RM1-6319-000

Product code: 9047

Status: Out stock

Code oem: RM1-6319-000

Code other: CET0202

Manufacture: Hp

Origin: Japan

Supplier: CET

$3580000 $2440000 -32% ( Price includes vat ) 
( Note : The price does not include installation and transport charges )
Category Printer
Description CET New Fuser Assembly 220V
Brand HP
Model LaserJet Enterprise P3015
LaserJet Enterprise P3015d
LaserJet Enterprise P3015dn
LaserJet Enterprise P3015n
LaserJet Enterprise P3015x
OEM No. RM1-6319-000
CET No. CET0202

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