Mực dầu Epson E0013-01LY (1 liter/Bot)

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Code other: E0013-01LY

Manufacture: Epson

Origin: Korea

Supplier: Inktec

Choose color: LB LC Light Magenta Black Priport Ink

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Mực Pigment Dùng  cho máy EPSON 4 màu: Epson L1100/3110/3160/L3150/L4150/L4160 
Thương hiệu: INKTEC 
Xuất xứ: Korea
Ink: pigment-based
Pack: 1 litre
Colour: Yellow
Compatible with Epson cartridges:
T0713, t0733, T0733 N, t0883, T0893, T0903, t0913, t0923, t0923 N, t0973,
T1153, T1173, t10013, T1033 T1283, T1293, T1303, T1333, T3153,
T1403, T1413, T1423, T1433, T6763, t6773, t6783, T7013, T7023, T7033, T713, T1623, T1633.
Compatible with printers:
Stylusc67, Stylus C68, Stylus C79, Stylus C87, Stylus C88, Stylus C90, Stylus C91, Stylus C92, C110, C120,
Stylus CX3900, Stylus CX3905,
Stylus CX4100, Stylus CX4200, Stylus CX4300, Stylus CX4700, Stylus CX4800, Stylus CX4900, Stylus CX4905,
Stylus CX5000, Stylus CX5500, Stylus CX5501, Stylus CX5505, Stylus cx5510, Stylus CX5600, Stylus CX5700 F,
Stylus CX5800 F, Stylus CX5900, Stylus CX6000, Stylus CX6900 F, Stylus CX7000 F,