Mực Cart HP Pro M154A/M180N/M181F (CF512A-Y) 0.9K

Product code: 703

Status: In stock

Code oem: CF512A

Manufacture: Hp

Origin: China

Supplier: OM

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 Best prices in the market.
 Printable commitment equivalent to genuine
 Warranty 1 for 1 from 06 to 12 months , or until the end of the ink

 Quality is checked 100% before shipment.
 Can be loaded on a 01 to 02 times without replacing components.
 Save up to 65% printing cost.
 Delivery within 2 hours (in Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi) or 1-2 days in the province.
 Is packaged in several layers of packaging, product protection and maximum environment.

Mực in HP 204A Yellow compatible LaserJet Toner Cartridge (CF512A)
  • Loại mực: Mực in Laser màu vàng
  • Dung lượng: 900 trang độ phủ 5%
  • Giao hàng: Miễn phí trong nội thành
  • Máy dùng: HP Color M154a / M154nw / M180n / M180fw