Mực Riso Priport EZ (Màu blue 1000ml)

Product code: 261

Status: Out stock

Manufacture: Riso

Supplier: AB

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$12.04 $9 -25% ( Price includes vat ) 
( Note : The price does not include installation and transport charges )
1. Volume: 1000ml
2. For use in:
  • EZ200, EZ220, EZ300, EZ230, EZ230N, EZ330.
  • EV2450, EV2460, EV2490, EV3460, EV3490.
  • EV3650, EV3660, EV3690C/A, MV7690.
  • RZ370, RZ370N, RZ390, RZ570, RZ770, RZ970.
3. Inner packing: 2bottles/box;
Box dimensions(l*w*h): 175*85*290;
Outer packing: 5boxes/CTN;
Carton dimensions(l*w*h): 465*180*296.