Mực chai HP-U8

Product code: 9226

Status: In stock

Manufacture: Hp

Origin: Japan

Supplier: Đức Lan

Choose color: Color Black & White

 Committed to good quality imports
 A bold, sharp is equivalent to genuine
 Less waste ink, do not close the antlers, the charging shaft
 There is a very good price policy for agencies

 The loaded services take place on request: 08.39307474

Sử dụng cho:
HP Laser Jet 1010/1015/1018/1020/3015 (Q2612A)
HP Laser Jet 1160/1320 (Q5949A)
HP Laser Jet P2014/P2015 Series (Q7553A)
HP Laser Jet P2035/2055 Series (CE505A)
HP Laser Jet Pro 400 M401N (CF280A)
HP Laser P3015/3010 (CE255A)

Model compatible