Phíp sấy Ricoh Aficio 550/650/551/700/1055/ AF1060/1075 (2c/b)

Product code: 3156

Status: In stock

Code oem: AE03-2014

Code other: CET6355

Manufacture: Ricoh

Origin: China

Supplier: CET

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Bushing - Upper Fuser Roller - Heat Insulating Sleeve - AE03-2014
Replaces: Ricoh AE03-2014, AE03-2020, C2088-3385, AE032014, AE032020, Savin AE03-2014, AE03-2020, C2088-3385, AE032014, AE032020, Gestetner AE03-2014, AE03-2020, C2088-3385, AE032014, AE032020, Lanier AE03-2014, AE03-2020, C2088-3385, AE032014, AE032020
For Use In: Gestetner 2545D, Gestetner 2555D, Gestetner 2565D, Gestetner 2651, Gestetner 2760, Gestetner 2770, Gestetner 2851, Gestetner 2860, Gestetner 2870, Gestetner 3255, Gestetner 3265, Gestetner 3270, Gestetner 3355, Gestetner 3370, Gestetner 6002, Gestetner 7502, Gestetner P7575, IBM Infoprint 2060ES, IBM Infoprint 2075ES, Lanier 5255, Lanier 5255MFD, Lanier 5265, Lanier 5265MFD, Lanier 5455, Lanier 5470, Lanier LD060, Lanier LD075, Lanier LD390, Lanier LD390SP, Lanier LP175HDN, Nashuatec D455, Nashuatec D465, Nashuatec D555, Nashuatec D570, Ricoh Aficio 1060, Ricoh Aficio 1075, Ricoh Aficio 550, Ricoh Aficio 551, Ricoh Aficio 650, Ricoh Aficio 700, Ricoh Aficio AP900, Ricoh Aficio MP9001, Ricoh Aficio MP9001SP, Ricoh FT6645, Ricoh FT6655, Ricoh FT6665, Ricoh FT7650, Ricoh FT7660, Ricoh FT7670, Ricoh FT7950, Ricoh FT7960, Ricoh FT7970, Savin 2050, Savin 2055DP, Savin 2060, Savin 2070, Savin 2070DP, Savin 2560, Savin 2575, Savin 9090, Savin 9090SP, Savin 9450, Savin 9500, Savin 9550, Savin 9600, Savin 9650, Savin 9700, Savin 9955DP, Savin 9965DP, Savin MLP75N