Lụa chế bản máy photocopy/ HQ40L

Product code: 1743

Status: Out stock

Code oem: 893196

Code other: HQ40 / JP45

Manufacture: Ricoh

Origin: Other

Supplier: OEM AB

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Ricoh HQ-40L Duplicator Masters 
Ricoh DX4542, 4545, JP4500, HQ-40L, Savin 3270, 3275, 3560, P# 4566, Gestetner 6244, 6245, CPMT18, CPMT24, Lanier LDD145, 245, 345, Standard SD420, 3324,2/bx
VT/CPMT8-A4 51mm 240mm 125m VT310/1730/1800/2240/2130/2350 2rolls×5
VT/CPMT9-B4 46mm 280mm 125m 2rolls×5
VT/CPMT10-A3 51mm 320mm 125m
VT5385/5171/5270/5375 /5376/5359
SS /CPMT1-B4 51mm 280mm 125m
JP-7S/CPMT20-A4 43mm 240mm 50m
DX2330-A4 43mm 240mm 50m DX2330 4rolls×3
DX2430/CP6201-B4 43mm 280mm 50m CP6201C, DX2430C 4rolls×3
JP-7M/CPMT21-B4 43mm 280mm 50m JP750/780 4rolls×3
JP-10/CPMT12-A4 48mm 240mm 125m JP1010/1030 DX3340 2rolls×5
JP-10/CPMT15-B4 48mm 280mm 125m JP1050/1045/1055 DX3440 2rolls×5
JP-12/CPMT16-A4 51mm 240mm 125m JP1210/1230/1235 DX3240 2rolls×5
JP-12 /CPMT17-B4 51mm 280mm 125m JP1250/1255  DX3243 2rolls×5
VT 6L/CPMT11-A3 46mm 320mm 125m VT-6000 2rolls×5
JP-30/CPMT19-A3 51mm 320mm 125m JP3000/3800/3810P 2rolls×5
JP-50/CPMT13-A3 38mm 320mm 125m JP5000/5500/5800 2rolls×5
JP-80/CPMT18-A3 51mm 320mm 100m JP-8510P 2rolls×5
HQ-40/CPMT23-A3 58mm 320mm 100m JP-4510P,DX4545,DX4542,JP4500 2rolls×5
DX3442/CP6301-B4 54mm 280mm 100m CP6301C, DX3442 2rolls×5
HQ-90/CPMT24-A3 58mm 320mm 100m GESTETNER CP6334/CP6346/HQ9000 2rolls×5