Mực nạp samsung 1710/ Xerox 3110 (80g)

Product code: 8670

Status: In stock

Manufacture: SamSung

Origin: China

Supplier: Đức Lan

Choose color: Color Black & White

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 Committed to good quality imports
 A bold, sharp is equivalent to genuine
 Less waste ink, do not close the antlers, the charging shaft
 There is a very good price policy for agencies

 The loaded services take place on request: 08.39307474

Using compatible toner loaded for models:

Samsung ML-1710 / ML-1900 Samsung / Samsung ML-2850
Samsung SCX-4100 / SCX-4300 Samsung / Samsung SCX-4600
Lexmark X215 MFP / Lexmark E220 / E240 Lexmark
Epson EPL-5700 / Epson EPL-6200
Phaser ™ 3115 / Phaser ™ 3121 / Phaser ™ 3250
Weight: 80g
Ink color: black
Printable: 2,200 pages
Origin: China
Importer & Distributor: Lan Pte Germany
Manual: Shake well before use
Stored at an average temperature of 35 degrees, Avoid damp ...

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