Máy Photocopy đa năng Toshiba e-STUDIO 3508A

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Manufacture: Toshiba

Phân loại: Chính Hãng

$99000000 $79800000 -19%  ( Price includes vat ) 
( Note : The price does not include installation and transport charges )

* Commitment to quality:
- 100% brand new machines, materials, in parcels, genuine
- Have sufficient quality certificate, certificate of origin.
* Warranty - Long-term maintenance:
- Warranty 02 years or the equivalent snapshot.
- Maintenance of copiers, printers, free delivery.
* Good after-sales:
- Delivery, installation, manual site is completely free for the duration of the warranty and maintenance.
- Technical Support, troubleshoot take place within 04-08h hours within HCM

  •  In Control with the Greatest of Ease
    A new tiltable, touch swipe 9" colour panel works like a tablet or smartphone interface so you can find whatever you need by just swiping your finger.
  • Advance e-BRIDGE Technology
    Built on Linux®, this next-generation e-BRIDGE architecture features an Embedded Web Browser, a fast dual-core processor, 4GB RAM and a 320GB Self Encrypting Drive (SED) enabling the MFP to easily drive Toshiba's internally developed solutions or even third-party applications.
  • Double the Scan Speed
    A 300-sheet high-speed, high-capacity Dual-Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) produces up to 120 IPM simplx and 240 IPM duplex. A conventional RADF is available for less scan-intensive businesses. 
  • Special Envelope Cassette
    Keep your envelopes firmly in place for accurate printing from start to finish with a new envelope cassette that holds 50 at a time. 
  • Add What You Need, All at Once
    A 1,200-sheet capacity comes standard, but if you need more, just add 2 optional 550-sheet cassettes or a tandem LCF for 2,000 sheets (A4 only) for a total capacity of 3200 sheets.
  • High Volume, High Toner Yield
    The monthly copy volume reaches 150,000 and an equally impressive toner yield tops out at 43,900 at 5% coverage.
  • Multi-Station Print Solution
    Toshiba's internally developed Multi-Station Print Solution allows users to send print jobs from their desktop and retrieve them at any convenient MFP by simply swiping their badge and authenticating at that device.

Địa chỉ: 149 Võ Văn Tần, Phường Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, TP.HCM
Điện thoại: (028) 39 30 64 64 - DĐ 0903.171.149
 Website: www.duclan.vn  Email: support@duclan.vn
Địa chỉ: 73 Hoàng Văn Thái, Khương Trung, Thanh Xuân, HN.
Điện thoại : (024) 39 38 64 64 - DD: 0988 463 049
 Website: www.duclan.vn  Email: support@duclan.vn
Cover Options
1 Platen Cover KA5005PC
2 Dual-Scan Document Feeder (300-Sheet) MR4000
3 Reversing Automatic Document Feeder (100-Sheet) MR3031
Paper Options
4 Paper Feed Pedestal (550-Sheet) KD1058
5 Paper Drawer (550-Sheet for KD1058) MY1048
6 Envelope Drawer MY1049
7 Large Capacity Feeder (2,000-Sheet) KD1059LT
8 Stand STAND5005
Finishing Options
9 Inner Finisher (50-Sheet) MJ1042
10 Console Finisher MJ1109
11 Saddle-Stitch Finisher MJ1110
12 Bridge Kit (Required for Saddle-Stitch Finisher) KN5005
13 Hole-Punch Unit (For MJ1109/MJ1110) MJ6105
14 Hole-Punch Unit (For MJ1042) MJ6011
15 Job Separator (eS2008A-3008A) MJ5014
Job Separator (eS3508A-5008A) MJ5015
Other Options
Work Tray (Not Shown) KK5005
16 Accessory Tray (For Keyboard) GR1250
17 Panel Ten Key Option GR1260
18 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (Requires GN4020) GR9000
Fax Kit (Not Shown) (Same Part # for Second Line) GD1370
Connectivity Options
Wireless LAN/Bluetooth Module GN4020
Embedded OCR Enabler (1 License) GS1080
Embedded OCR Enabler (5 License) GS1085
Multi-Station Print Enabler (1 License) GS1090
Multi-Station Print Enabler (5 License) GS1095
USB Hub (eS2008A/2508A/3008A) (Required for GR1290) GR1270
Meta Scan Enabler for e-CONNECT GS1010
Harness Kit for Coin Controller GQ1280
Unicode Font Enabler GS1007
IPsec Kit GP1080
Card Reader Holder (To Mount Reader on MFP) GR1290
Advanced Scanning (ReRite Software) GB1280V8
Black Toner Cartridge T3008U
Staple Cartridge (For MJ1042/MJ1109/MJ1110) STAPLE2400
Staple Cartridge (For MJ1110 Saddle-Stitch) STAPLE3100

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