Chân máy Photo cao dùng cho Ricoh MP2000/2001/2001L/ MP2501L/2001SP/2501SP

Product code: 507551

Status: Out stock

Code oem: 201518

Manufacture: Ricoh

Origin: VietNam

Supplier: Hãng

* Commitment to quality:
- 100% brand new machines, materials, in parcels, genuine
- Have sufficient quality certificate, certificate of origin.
* Warranty - Long-term maintenance:
- Warranty 02 years or the equivalent snapshot.
- Maintenance of copiers, printers, free delivery.
* Good after-sales:
- Delivery, installation, manual site is completely free for the duration of the warranty and maintenance.
- Technical Support, troubleshoot take place within 04-08h hours within HCM

Chân máy Photo Ricoh MP2000, 2001, 2001L,  MP2501L, 2001SP, 2501SP