Mực nạp HP-U (1000g)

Product code: 8016

Status: Out stock

Manufacture: Hp

Origin: Japan

Supplier: Đức Lan

$12.47 $9.26 -26% ( Price includes vat ) 
( Note : The price does not include installation and transport charges )

 Committed to good quality imports
 A bold, sharp is equivalent to genuine
 Less waste ink, do not close the antlers, the charging shaft
 There is a very good price policy for agencies

 The loaded services take place on request: 08.39307474

how deep the ink load , how beautiful , how cheap.
less waste ink , many copies , the ink can be dropped
can damage the components drum , cast , from , charging shaft ....
quality equivalent to genuine snapshot

compatible with printers :
hp laser 1010/ 1015/ 1018/ 1020/ 3015 (q2612a)
hp laser 1160/ 1320 (q5949a)
hp laser p2014/ p2015 series (q7553a)
hp laser p2035/ 2055 series (ce505a)
hp laser pro 400 m401n (cf280a)
weight : 1000g
color : black
origin : japan
importer & distributor : Công Ty TNHH Một Thành Viên duc lan
manual : shake well before use
stored at an average temperature of 35 degrees , avoid damp ...

Model compatible